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民國六十二年十月三十一日 (1973) 政府宣佈台中港開工興建,吾等鑒於中部地區外銷工廠林立,未來台中港進出口貨物流通量及進出口船舶必然平頻繫,於是開籌組船務代理公司之計劃, 並由"台灣船運企業機搆"積極訓練,儲備幹部。

民國六十四年十二月(1975) 申請籌設"建中船務代理股份有限公司". 並於六十五年三月(1976 )正式核准成立,先行推展中部地區出口貨物之承攬.同年十月二十三日,台中港歷史性之 第一艘貨輪"明仁成功" (M/V . Mingren Success) 進港卸貨由建中船務代理,開啓台中港裝卸業務工作,十月三十一日台中港正式開放,為台灣中部之國際港口,建中船務代理也成為台中港第一家船務代理公司。 因業務及客户之需要,於民國六十五年五月(1976)成立"欣龍通商股份有限公司".專責客户進出口貨物報關業務及貨櫃轉運通關業務,提供廠商完善的服務。

建中船務代理公司秉承"誠信"之精神, 加以多年累積的港務經驗,和中部地區工商界之深厚關係, 業務穩定成長,每年皆獲港務局優良航商之表揚 ;同時,不斷提昇公司員工專業知識及服務品質,為客户提供完美而可信賴之服務,以配合台中港快速之營運成長。

It was an excellent decision for our government to build Taichung Harbor. In fact, during the past 18 years, the harbor has not only helped develop our country but also reduce heavy transportation costs and smooth congested ship operations in both Keelung and Kaohsiung caused by the rapid economic growth

Our board has full confidence in our ability to develop our shipping busine ss in Taichung. We strengthen our service by being responsible and trustworthy and by providing quality work. Our goal is to provide reliable service to all of our clients.

Standard Shipping Corp. will provide exclusive and reliable service, should you appoint us to carry out any cargo or shipping activities.

We are an experienced shipping agency in handling timber, logs, iron products, grains, petro-chemical s, coal, machinery, bulk cargo and containers.

Standard Shipping Corp. will always serve you best.

Taichung is the main manufacturing zone in central Taiwan. On October 31, 1973, the government of Taiwan declared that Taichung port was to be developed as an international commercial seaport. The board of our group--Taiwanship--foreseeing the rapid growth of factories and the increasing volume of cargo flow, decided to set up a shipping agency company in Taichung and at the same time to train more capable staff for future needs.

Standard Shipping Agency Corp. applied for its shipping license in December 1975 and was officially approved by the government in March 1976. Hence, in that year we had the great honor of handling the loading and unloading operations in Taichung port for the MN Mingren Success, which was the first oceangoing vessel to enter Taichung port. Standard Shipping Agency Corp. was the first company to handle vessel operations in 瓦 chung and also the first registered shipping agency company in Taichung port after the official announcement on October 31, 1976, that the Taichung port had become an international open port in Taiwan's central district.

To meet public demand, in May 1976 we set up a subsidiary branch in Taichung called Major Dragon Corp., designed to provide a better packaging service to clients for Customs clearance services, both for import and export cargo and container shipping to inland points, in line with our shipping agency service.

Standard Shipping Corp.'s emphasis is on trustworthiness; and as a result, our business has been able to grow steadily after years of service. We have built up very good and solid relations in the fields of commerce and industry, thus we have been awarded "Best Shipping Agency" by the Port Authority Bureau each year

Coping with the increasing needs of the present work load, we still manage to improve and upgrade our quality of service and educate our staff. Our target is to provide our clients with the most reliable service.



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